Root galaxy s2 at&t mac

My USB debugging is on. I tried to just go with it. Restarted the computer and then i got the error of: It was in download mode and everything I did was correct. Is there an updated version I should be using? Thanks please respond this is the only site I can find for rooting my galaxy s2 sgh-i Checking if protocol is initialised… Protocol is not initialised.

How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2 on Mac or Linux! [SGH-i777]

Failed to receive response! I have the same issue. I found a solution to this here: If you appreciate this software and you would like to support future development please consider donating: If this is something that can be easily created, perhaps a howto on that subject would be warranted.

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  • how to root samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket mac.

Does this root require the phone to be on 2. When I follow these directions, the end result is: Heimdall v1. How can I get around this problem? I have seen others here have similar problems, but they have gone unanswered. Any help would be appreciated. BTW, my phone is in download mode. Can you help? I would consider myself to be a user of average ability. Hi i went through process…and it rooted my phone…and i have superuser etc…but now my wifi wont work… im on mac im trying to root it again and i can get it to work it keeps saying ERROR: Claiming interface failed.

And the sudo line doesnt work it asks for a password to which i dont know…..

coeneycv - how to root samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket mac

I tried to follow your video and instructions for rooting my S2 with a MAC and got the same errors almost everyone talked about in the comments above but it appears no one is answering any of the problems. Both ways do not work for me anyway. Displays this dialogue. I tried both sudo and without sudo but same result. Now, what do I do? Please help, thanks. Try this as I kept getting this msg too: Apparently Samsung phones are quirky, try the same usb cable in a different port on the Mac, or another cable as well. I ended up using my car dock usb with another port and it worked on the 1st try.

how to root samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket mac

I made an android folder in dowloads and kept forgetting the Android part after downloads. Hi Guys, Just rooted my Samsung Galaxy S2 as per the instructions above and now the middle and right buttons no longer function. Superuser appears to work OK, and the left button works sometimes, but not all the time. It seems indeed Samsung Kies is the problem. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter.

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  • How to Root AT&T Galaxy S2! [SGH-I777].
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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. October 25, at 4: October 28, at 3: November 15, at 7: January 14, at October 29, at 8: David says: March 26, at May 11, at 9: October 28, at I followed your video step by step and now my phone is stuck on this screen!

What should I do next??? FYI it has been at the screen about 30 minutes. My anti-virus software red flags the downloads from your links because of adware. Is this the only way to obtain the files needed to root? I am able to boot to CWM by holding down all three keys if the phone is already on. But if the phone is off when I do this it brings up the the CWM logo and freezes there.

How to Root ICS on AT&T Galaxy S2 SGHi777 with Mac OSX!2798

It seems to do this no matter what I select. Making sure to let Odin completely finish I always leave it plugged in till the phone is completely booted before disconnecting my phone and closing Odin. Thanks for the advice so I followed the unroot video on this site. Then rerooted and the issue persists. Then I unrooted and rerooted again. Hi Casey I was stuck with the same problem. If your SG2 is the US version then, instead of pressing the power button select an option use the home key.

That will bring in the next set of menus. Hi, i hve a galaxy s2 and it keeps repeating the rethink possiable logo it doesnt turn on the device im trying to re boot it but my computer doesnt know my phone. I have a few questions. I tried doing this the other night and it took me five hours just to root my phone and get my WiFi back up and running.

They are both I models but will the procedure outlined above work on the Straight Talk version? So, how do I solve these issues? I have the sgh-i with 4. The only tutorials have ICS. Any help? Do I have to downgrade? Hello I did all the instructions and get everything, but when I try to search the file attgalaxyS2RootStockZedomaxkernel. Started the root, however, received the Android with the Caution triangle and that was where it all stopped. The phone is not responsive any more. I cannot get out of that screen.

Part 2. Root Android Devices without Computer

What should I do next? Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the newsletter. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Galaxy S2 Root How to Root Galaxy S2! October 20, at October 21, at Dani says: February 12, at 1: October 21, at 9: October 21, at 3: October 22, at 7: October 22, at 9: Jon says: October 22, at 8: Chris says: May 19, at Rachelle says: June 14, at 9: October 23, at 6: October 23, at 2: October 23, at 1: JC says: October 23, at 3: October 23, at 5: October 23, at 7: October 23, at 8: October 24, at Ed says: October 24, at 6: November 3, at 7: Miguel says: October 25, at 4: October 25, at 8: AntirisK says: October 25, at 2: Nisssmo says: October 26, at 3: October 26, at 7: October 26, at 8: Seven says: October 27, at October 28, at Michael says: March 21, at 1: October 28, at 8: Delta says: October 28, at 4: October 28, at 5: October 28, at 9: October 30, at 9: Jay says: November 15, at 3: Michael Tran says: November 30, at 8: Frank says: December 23, at Guillermo says: January 2, at January 5, at 8: Threnody13 says: May 30, at 6: Jason says: January 14, at 7: January 14, at 8: Joe says: January 16, at 1: Hasn says: March 15, at 1: Sean says: March 17, at 5: November 1, at 7: MrAirForce says: April 12, at 6: Danny says: November 1, at 8: Greg says: December 3, at December 3, at 1: November 2, at 6: November 2, at 7: Ali S says: November 6, at 4: Harry Linssen says: November 7, at 8: Joe May says: November 7, at CJ says: November 8, at 6: Mike says: JAck says: November 9, at 1: HeadsUp says: April 21, at 9: Zigsta says: December 20, at Rob Tisdell says: November 9, at 8: Rob R.

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Click on any of the topics to find related threads. Thanks Meter: Thread Deleted Email Thread. Does anyone have a help tutorial for unrooting an Galaxy S2 using a Mac? Senior Member.