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Not really worth testing for Motion as apart from a few things like particles, Motion almost lives on the GPU. No, not a new breakfast cereal, but Compressor allows you to share the work out over connected machines.

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Well, when I say easy my first attempt failed, but that might be down to my slightly quirky network topology with the QNAP. To build a cluster, on the machines you want to add, open up a copy of Compressor. In the preferences, turn the option on for other computers to process batches. Then on the host machine, make a cluster from the available machines in the list.

Here you can see we have got something very wrong!

Mac Mini Or Not : Apple Final Cut Pro X Debates

We will be revisiting this topic with the issue fixed when we have more time. Then having named your cluster or other single machine , you can then toggle the processing destination in the dropdown menu on the bottom of the host machine's Compressor GUI. To work properly and fast, all the machines need to be connected with 10GigE via a 10GigE switch.

There is no limit to the amount of Mac minis you can have in a cluster. You'll probably run out of switch ports first! One note here. For distributed processing, it has to be a self contained movie that gets automatically diced and sliced and sent off to the cluster machines. Not what I expected. It is a component in building a modular system, which is a new thought considering that Apple has been criticised over the past few years for lack of upgradability in the Mac Pro and iMac Pro. There are two reasons for this new direction. The first are Thunderbolt 3 connections giving the option of using an external GPU and therefore factoring out the limited onboard Intel offering.

The second is the option of a 10GigE port. Being able to connect to high speed shared storage without going through an adaptor is a huge plus. Take sever centres for example.

The New Mac Mini and Final Cut Pro X

Rack up rows of Mac minis connected with 10GigE and you have a facility that can get apps ready quickly. Once set up, the Mac mini is more than happy to run in a headless mode.

I've worked with a few producers like that. This is also true of building a small Mac mini cluster to do the hard work of making all the different deliverables of an FCPX exported finished movie - while you carry on editing something else with your main machine. It would make sense for a large production or facility house to have a rack of these that everybody could access when needed. Put five or ten of these together in a rack and you have a very fast DIT tool for making proxies and dailies on set.

The Mac mini above gets its first on set DIT experience tomorrow! Peter Wiggins is a broadcast freelance editor based in the UK although his work takes him around the world. You can follow him on Twitter as peterwiggins or as he runs the majority of this site, you can contact him here. Back Tutorials. Back Pro Consumer.

How to resolve AdBlock issue? Having an issue addi. Final Cut Render Nig. Footage flickering f. Make real time look. Looking for a Mobile. Quick Caption 5. Blur Chroma Plugin. Cutless Jump Cut. Power On The machine comes with Mojave installed and defaults to dark mode on the now silent boot.

Is the Mac Mini good for Final Cut Pro X?

Which is gonna be significantly faster than if you were working off of a single iMac Pro or an old Mac Pro. Does Avid support clustered transcodes? One app across multiple machines using the same project. Resolve is great on one machine for transcoding. Across 5 machines, you could maybe use Fusion. See the Tweet above and quote below. Those are around write and read. In this short video you can see for yourself just how fast this SSD drive is, transferring 10GB of files in just over 8 seconds.

This connects over USB 3. According to the Amazon spec it is also 3M drop tested, and can withstand lb of crush resistance. In the real world no one is going to create a render farm of mac minis when a single Threadripper based workstation would do it far more efficiently all in one box with multiple GPUs if required, for far less money.

The second gen 32 core Threadripper is outstanding value for the creative indie professional and a far better option either in a DIT cart or in the edit bay….

Blackmagic Design eGPU Pro

PC people seem to think that people who buy a Mac should have bought a PC for faster and cheaper spec. But people who buy a Mac obviously don't want to buy a PC, so the decision isn't just about acquiring the latest fastest, spec as cheaply as possible. This was essentially a science experiment. Mojave, as of this episode, is only at If you want a deep dive into the possibilities of how you might use a Mac Mini in post production, this is a good place to start.

Yes connected… 10Gig thru a switch and yes… Compressor sharing. They WERE working. They even have to run on custom server racks and are buying up hundreds, and I mean, hundreds of Mac Pros. Electronic components aren't aligned because a screw… What's going on in Apple?

Hands-On: Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X and the 2018 Mac mini

Testing conducted by Apple in October using preproduction 3. This maxes out all CPU cores, so the results predictably scale with the core count: Marco delivers an insightful and engaging review so be sure to check out the video above, including some tips on upgrading the RAM yourself, and his accompanying blog post here. It does surprisingly well, except of course for GPU performance. Which is why they argue you really need an eGPU for any serious work requirements and they compare several different eGPU solutions here. One thing to note is that the 4 screws holding the ram metal cover are very tight from factory, it takes a strong and steady force to loosen them.

It looks like a really interesting way of being able to freely flow between a keyboard, touchscreen, mouse and tablet all at once. If you want to try this out for yourself you can follow some step-by-step instructions here.