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Manipulating characters and objects is as easy as clicking the mouse. The same goes for fighting: While the fights aren't necessarily easy, you won't have to worry about losing because you couldn't figure out which button to press. Depending on your particular skills and character-type, you'll have a vast selection of magic spells and items from which to choose.

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They're all neatly done, so don't be afraid to use them in battle. It's a good way to build up all your skills for the final conflict and believe me, you'll need all the help you can get. The graphics, game play and dialogue are all top-notch. So, what about the music? Enter Chance Thomas, composer of the game's entire musical score. It has an epic feel to it that will have you humming the Quest For Glory theme long after you've completed the game.

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If you're looking for a fun, engrossing adventure, Dragon Fire is your game. If you want an interesting twist on the classic RPG format, it's your game, too. And if you just want some really great bad jokes, then this is definitely for you. What are you waiting for? Pick up Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire and become the hero you always knew you could be. Both dark and funny.

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A winning combination. Sierra held nothing back when they made this one. As good a game as you'll find all year. How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

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Quest for Glory 5: Like the animation, the depth transition of the characters is quite fluid. There is also great attention to detail in this department. For instance, if your character is standing doing nothing for a while, he might scratch his leg or yawn.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

This makes for wonderful effects all around. Speaking of effects, they are sensational in this game. Also, each inventory item and spell has a nifty little animated graphic along with its description on the appropriate screen. The only gripe I have here is related to the poor quality of high resolution on my video card. When in x mode, the game was virtually unplayable due to not being able to move the mouse properly , no matter how small I sized the screen. Dropping to x solved the problem.

The audio tracks are good enough that Sierra decided to release a separate CD with the music tracks on it an order form is in the back of the manual. The audio effects and voices in this game are clean and crisp. Each character has his or her own voice, which generally suits individual style.

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Like the graphics, each spell and inventory item also has a sound to go with that particular item when on the appropriate screen. In general, be sure to play with the sound turned up. Windows preferred: Macintosh minimums: Mac OS 7.

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Macintosh preferred: While especially helpful for those who have not played a Quest for Glory game, it is also handy for the more seasoned adventurer. It explains the sights to see, monsters you can expect to fight, new items and skills available to you, and, of course, local language complete with useful phrases such as "Good Day," "Please," "Thank You," "Where is the toilet, please? This card is extremely useful until you memorize the keys.

Dragon Fire is a wonderful blend of adventure, puzzle-solving, action, storyline and humor. There are very few if any games out there these days which fit all these categories. This is a must-play game for any Quest for Glory fan and is bound to make those new to the series devout followers. It is my pleasure to give this game a score of 95 points. Hats off to Lori Cole and the whole Quest for Glory team for another success. Browse games Game Portals.

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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. PC Editor Rating: Play Now Download the full version. Overview So, you still want to be a hero? Gameplay, Controls, Interface There are many aspects of Dragon Fire that will remind old-timers of the previous games and characters.

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