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K keyboard: num lock doesn't work on my Macbookpro

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View This Post. December 13, at 3: How do I disable numlock on k on Mac? I bought this keyboard because it has a "clear" key, which according to the internet is the only way to disable numlock. I can't get it to work.

See my website. Adv Reply. November 1st, 2.

Caps Lock LED Indicator?

Sounds like the numlock is off cos that is how my keyboard reacts with numlock off Button could be stuck or faulty? No worries!

November 1st, 3. Originally Posted by IcarusR. November 1st, 4.

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November 1st, 5. That function will be purely within the keyboard.

Maybe a wire in keyboard matrix is broken causing numlock to not turn on. Numlock key keeps on having this 'esc' function then, instead of becoming a toggle key Any idea whether getting the num lock to work on the MAC like it does on the PC? Dear louchong It doesn't work with my macpro yosemite Have a nice day, an.

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Hi louchong Any idea how i can get it to work in texteditors , like Word or netbeans or adobe software like indesign, on a macpro Thanks An. Login to answer this question. Related Questions Nothing found. Logitech uses cookies on this site. Detailed information on cookies and their use can be found in our Privacy Policy.