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In fact, I haven't even set it up since moving last November. I've just had too much else on the even think about it, but now the question has been raised I must admit I'm now somewhat curious. Are you two serious?? Changing themes on Mac has been available awhile The Moon?! Quoting Gaspershooters, reply 78 And no,I am not giving any link,find it by yourself. If you have Yosemite you are lucky. Well, haven't tried it myself because I never paid the Apple tax.

Apple introduced a new security policy on OS X El Capitan, preventing every process even privileged ones from modifying system files, either on filesystem or dynamically at runtime.

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Unfortunately, with these security restrictions in place, this is the end of line for Flavours. For years, we have put our love and passion on Mac theming. Flavours development started shortly after With lots of dedication and personal sacrifice, we took about 5 years to release Flavours Classic 1. On OS X Yosemite During all this time, we have invested lots of time, resources, love and money on Flavours development; our return was terribly poor, but at least we were paid with love and engagement from the community.

Now, with OS El Capitan Thank you for all your support and understanding. Quoting Gaspershooters, reply 78 Are you two serious??

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And no,I am not giving any link,find it by yourself. So you got out the wrong side of the bed this morning, Gaspershooters, but that's no excuse to be 'ornery and cantakerous. And if you had read it right, I said that OS-X is more hard coded than Windows these days, meaning that the ability to customise has been limited since you last looked. Apple clamped down on theming a couple of editions ago.

It seems that the more Apple updates and tinkers with OS-X the more users lose, by way of programs and functionality. Still, Microsoft is no better! Windows 10 is goddam awful Iconpackager really needs to happen for Windows I've said it before Windowblinds, Iconpackager, and CursorFX are the first three I look to to customize my desktop completely Personally, I never understood the fascination with 'Tiles'. It's such a real estate hog and the taskbar or Objectdock work just fine for all that Tile offers or does.

That's just my opinion. I think Rainlendar serves a better purpose, is more functional, and just makes sense but that's not Stardock's, I know.

Tiles seems like 'What else can we make that can be skinned to go with the already existing Windowblinds? They work great together, they belong together, and if you take away anyone of them they will be sorely missed. And I think that is what is being said here, to begin with. Hell, the fact that Objectdock looks so nice and can be skinned to match blinds and you can use iconpackager with it is the only reason I keep it even though Fences is more effecient. I feel ridiculous running both, but I like both so much I can't pick one over the other.

I'm miffed that you all canceled the monthly subscription for ODN. It worked for me. I was even willing to overlook the fact that Iconpackager wasn't updated. But since you've put your foot down and squashed the monthly sub, so to speak, I'n putting my foot down and will hold off on subscribing until IP is updated and available as it has been and really should be along with Windowblinds IMHO.

Finally for real I said it in a previous thread Not trying to be a dick but I do hope I am starting something, in a civil way, no sarcasm intended. Quoting PoSmedley, reply 82 Not trying to be a dick but I do hope I am starting something, in a civil way, no sarcasm intended. Go Po! No, you're not a dick Po, just saying it as it is.

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Yes or No. I won't be renewing my Object Desktop subscription without Iconpackager and possibly Soundpackager. I've been using at least those three necessities for years. Quoting PoSmedley, reply 82 Not trying to be a dick. You don't have to try, Po, you are most proficient and can serve it up to the deserving with consumate ease. I recall when you used to serve it up to skinhit with 'shops' and an acid wit. Ah, those were the days, when there was still fun to be had in the forums Anyhow, it's great to see you back in the forums and speaking up on important issues.

I whole heartedly agree with you on IconPackager. It is an intregal and vital part od customising the desktop.

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Without IP, it's like strawberries without the cream; roast beef without the gravy; pavlova without the eggs Quoting starkers, reply 86 You don't have to try, Po, you are most proficient. To be clear, I am NOT saying that now. I want Iconpackager. There is no replacement or alternative. And I don't think anyone else wants to be smoothed over or pacified with something else. I don't think there is a single desktop customization app around that does not incorporate or have had incorporated into it the ability to customize some if not all the icons.

I would even point out WInstep, with it's own custom icons and Rainmeter which allows the use of custom icons.. I'd go further by saying that you brought this on yourselves with software like Fences and Objectdock that bring the icons front and center to the desktop and lets be honest I just want Iconpackager to complete my customization. I cannot promise specifics but I am hopeful there will be a version for Windows 10 at some point.

Mac OS X Leopard Huge Icon Pack (650+) for Windows

I personally haven't used it in yonks but it's a GUI mod that can be appreciated Or you are an administrator and you need to deploy a plugin on the Mac computers of your network. Whenever you need to create an installation package or distribution for Mac OS X With Packages, you can define which applications, bundles, documents or folders should be part of the payload of your installation packages and where they should be installed. You can even set what the owner, group or permissions of the payload items should be upon installation.

And if you need to also install an existing package, just import it so that it can be added to your distribution. Checking how your distribution looks like in different languages has never been so easy. You can even add Installer plugins to your distribution. When you need to define the dependencies between choices of your distribution, you can depend on Packages.

You can use its visual editor to build simple or complex dependencies trees. You don't have to worry about looping, Packages automatically checks everything and only offers you viable dependencies. Defining the requirements that should be met by your packages to be installed should not require you to think like a developer if you don't want to. With its user friendly requirements editors, Packages makes simple requirements very easy to define and yet still allow you to write more complex requirements using the JavaScript code editor.

If you need to quickly create an installation package for an application or a plugin, drag the item on the Packages icon in the Dock or the Finder. Your package will be created. There's no step 2. Quick Build uses smart locators to figure out where the item should be installed. Smart Locators are also available from the payload editor pane.

To ensure that your distribution or packages are not be tampered with between the time you build them and they are installed, you can sign them.