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To abandon that now is somewhat surprising — after all fans have been moaning about how complex and time-consuming the game has become for a long time. Perhaps it took this long to give Classic mode the right balance.

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Or perhaps it took this long for SI to realise that realism at all costs was not necessarily what people want. Whatever the reason, it was certainly worth the wait.

Classic mode is fun in a way the full game hasn't been for some time now, and far from just tempting back those who had given up, I think many who have remained loyal will find their allegiances tested this year. Strangely, it feels almost like an EA management sim, such is the change in tone and presentation. Classic has a much more attractive, glossy feel than the nuts and bolts of its bigger brother — but still retains the all-important player database and match engine which made Football Manager a genre-defining franchise in the first place.

Football Manager 2013: the 30 best transfer targets, part one

In terms of gameplay, what you'll find is similar to ChampMans of old: Miles Jacobson referred to it as a "tactics and transfers" in an early development video and this is probably the best way to describe it. Buy some players, pick a formation, and then zip your way through a season in a day. It's the speed with which you can make your way through the game, and the lack of time-commitment and stress that comes from this that makes Classic mode so refreshing.

This is best illustrated by the Challenge feature offered within Classic mode — essentially a variety of custom-made save games for you to load up and take on different scenarios.

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If you've got a spare afternoon, why not take on the challenge of saving a small Dutch team from relegation? Challenge mode will put you into the hotseat in the January transfer window, and in two to three hours you can make your way to the end of the season. Win or lose, your time investment is small — you're playing for the sheer fun of it.

It's been a long time since that could be said about a Football Manager game. In-game unlockables allow you to purchase, with real money, "cheat" options to help you with the game, and while I worry what ramifications this may have for the series — I'd be surprised if we didn't one day have to pay extra for things we once expected to be included — it justs adds to the sense that this is a game, not a hobby, and it's there to be enjoyed in whatever way you want. Sure, it's less rewarding than the full version. But if you don't have the time or patience to play the full version any more, then who cares?

O I know this wont be popular but i am trying to get hold of a transfer budget cheat or trainer or a way to edit the starting transfer budgets.

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I am trying to get my little son into it and he wants to build a dream team lol! Can i do this with the editor? I have never ran it before, is the editor a part of my purchase from steam or do i need to download it? Thanks in advance.