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What's borked at MATY forum. Nectar Making Vizard of Vine challenge. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. The Sims Wiki recommend that you check there first. Glitches requiring quitting without saving, unable to progress in opportunity, adventure or career. If you want to add a glitch please go to the talk page and see if someone has already reported it.

If multiple people are experiencing the same bug it can be added to the lists. Referencing at least one website which reports this glitch is a must. Create a World is unable to start and crashes. EA has confirmed the bug.

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Temporary fix: Download Patch 14 and then a new Create a World patch. This can happen if you go too far into a tomb or teleport there without having the appropriate adventure.

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It is unlikely that this will be fixed by official patches. AwesomeMod fixes similar issues, but if you are already experiencing the bug there is a guide in the references. Unable to capture certain motives with the Photography skill. Motives which continue to be uncaptureable are the Dropa Stone relic collection. Follow the link for a mod which fixes this glitch. A corrupt package file infects The Exchange and causes game to slow. Unable to open Consignment store buy menu.

The game is supposed to return items to you which haven't been sold within 5 days, but it does not work. Instead the items start counting down into the minusses, preventing you from opening the buy menu. This can be fixed temporarily by cancelling your consignments.

Broken Mods for November ’18 Patch/Get Famous EP

You will need to repeat this step every 5 days. People with Ambitions cannot excavate if the site is on a slope, the terrain has to be completely flat. Cemetery ghosts behave differently since Ambitions. Since Ambitions , ghosts appear to rise from their graves and then drive off in cars. This is possibly related to the new Ghost Hunter career.

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Some challenges and wishes which require a number of items or tasks to be done have been known to reset when going on vacation. Most notably the 'Vizard of Vine' challenge in Nectar Making. The player hand would sometimes get stuck holding an object, unable to let go.

Mod the Sims 3: Pose Player Installation Tutorial

Exiting to main menu and reload your saved game seems to clear it. Switching between game modes does not.

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This may have been fixed in recent patches 11 or 12 [ citation needed ]. The entire neighborhood or part of it is bright red. There are five things that are known to have caused this: First, check to see if you have the Mod Manager. If you do, uninstall it. If the problem still is not solved, delete the file Resource.