How to create symbolic link mac os x

The User folder in OS X contains several important sub-folders for different types of content. I then used symlinks to replace some of the default sub-folders with pointers to a location on the secondary hard drive.

Gigaom | How to Create and Use Symlinks on a Mac

The preferences files are generally small, but are read each time an application launches. The data files could be a different story.

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My Mail folder is about 10GB, for example. Steam stores game files down inside the Library as well. First step is to make sure that the destination folder is in place. Next, remove the existing Downloads folder make sure it is empty first. You will be prompted for your password after you enter the following command….

How to Create and Use Symlinks on a Mac

When you look in your home folder, you will see Downloads with an alias icon. Repeat this process for the other folders that you want to keep on the secondary non-booting hard drive. No such file or directory. I use a symbolic link to redirect my entire Documents folder to Dropbox. So I have the same documents on multiple machines. If the link is not there, add "sudo " before ln to execute it as root sudo will prompt for root's password: What I did wrong was that I use the current directory as the path.


Thanks for that good tip haimg: Synetech If you are trying to use roo as a command ou might want to look at the alias command. In this case you would do: Kassym Dorsel Kassym Dorsel 3 8. Gabor Garami Gabor Garami 1 2 9. DaShaun DaShaun 2.

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  • Create Symbolic Links With the ln Command;
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