Is mac 32 bit or 64 bit

Greg Cain Greg Cain 1, 1 13 This is the best answer in my opinion.

What Is 64-Bit Computing?

And a suggestion: Basically if you have anything newer than an MacBook you have a 64 bit processor and OS… Here is the cheat table. Nate Bird Nate Bird 1, 12 This does't tell the full story but it's a start. That is true. The line is technically blurry because the kernel may only be running in 32 bit mode but everything else is 64 bit.

According to another knowledge base article , MacBook Pro from early through mid support the bit kernel, but do not use it by default. Another option is to use sysctl in a shell: What Is Bit Computing? This is why most people focus on the address space for a specific program rather than whether the hardware is "bit" or how much of it is "bit" It really doesn't matter until you get to a more specific question.

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The full output looks something like this: Darwin Macbook-Air. Thu Aug 23 Sridhar-Sarnobat 7. Pav Pav 91 1 1. While this will work, there are several far simpler options that don't require a novice user to enter Terminal. Also this only gives you the arch of the kernel. On a Core2Duo a 64 bit CPU you still only run a 32bit kernel if the bootrom of that machine is not 64bit clean.

You can still and should use a 64bit Eclipse on that machine.

Why 64-bit Processors Matter in Your Mac

But the good thing about this solution is it's cross-platform though yes I know this is the Apple Stackexchange area. CajunLuke CajunLuke The arch command with no arguments will display the machine's architecture type. The results from the arch 1 manpage: Michael Granger Michael Granger 1 4.

How to boot into 64 bit [Mac OS X]

Uh, no. My processor is bit and i have lots of bit processes running, though, so this seems to only tell you what the kernel type is. What David said - this only tells you what kernel is running. Like David, I'm using a bit kernel because I need a kext that requires it, but I can run bit user processes with no problem. The kernel's mode doesn't really matter to userland; OS X will happily run bit processes under a bit kernel or vice versa. The original question was about if the OS is 32 or 64 bit, not the supported architectures of the processor: The kernel is not the OS, and the kernel's mode is irrelevant to what the asker actually wants to know: I like bisko's answer because it helped me to find a way to tell for sure what I am currently running - bit or bit.

Without actually starting VMWare, it is nice to know which mode I'm currently running.

Determining If Your Computer is 32-Bit or 64-Bit

It seems some of my other applications run better also in bit mode. Thanks for all the different angles of answers to the main question. Gordon Davisson Gordon Davisson Bits matter because processors used on today's Macs are bit, and running bit apps will be inefficient. Apple isn't shutting the door right away; instead, they're giving app developers plenty of time to update their apps. The cutoff won't be with macOS Mojave, due out this fall, but with next year's operating system. It's not clear what Apple's "compromise" is, but it's possible that bit apps will run in Mojave with some sort of emulation.

This means that they may run more slowly, or manage memory less efficiently. It's likely that you won't notice this when using older apps, but for apps that depend heavily on graphics, there may be some limitations. You could launch every app on your Mac; in doing so, High Sierra will display the dialog referenced above the first time you launch each app, but not later.

So launching all your apps now won't help much, unless you plan to chase down their developers right away and query whether their apps will be updated. Some apps will not be able to be updated, others have already been updated. You probably won't notice when your favorite apps are updated to bit, unless you read the release notes for update. You can search your Mac to find which apps are bit.

64 bit - How to check whether my Intel-based Mac is bit or bit - Ask Different

To do this, choose the Apple menu, then About this Mac. Click System Report, then scroll down and select Applications.

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The rightmost column header is bit Intel. Click this header to sort applications. Those applications where No appears in this column are bit. But you'll see a lot of applications that you probably don't know about. The bit transition for macOS and macOS apps is still underway, so final transition dates have not yet been established. But now is a good time to check with the software developer to see if bit versions of your favorite titles are available. The easiest way to contact a developer is to look them up on the web. From the system report, scroll down to Software in the sidebar, then select Applications.

32-bit vs 64-bit - Your Questions Answered

When you select an individual application, you will see a field titled bit Intel. If you're using macOS Mojave, select Legacy Software in the sidebar to see all applications that have not been updated to use bit processes. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement.

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