Gta san andreas downgrade patch for mac

Because of the Hot Coffee mod, the second version came out. The only reason you would downgrade now, is because of wanting to play this.

If you want pr0n OP, look it up on google, stop trying to illegally modify a game to access a dumb mini-game. Nuff' said.

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Ive actually bought that game twice, and i had saved me old savegames from the first version of the game. The version i have no wont run my old savegames because the idiots realeased a new version of the game, so its not just for people who wants to see that stupid mini game, i just dont wanna start all over again in the game. Have tried downgrading mine but the old savegames still didnt work. Yeah you can't do any mods for the game if you have version 2.

My probblem is that now that I've downgraded it, I have a mod installed and the game looks awesome, and plays great The game won't support any widescreen resolutions anymore. Anyone know how to keep the 1 version so I can play with mods but ALSO have it in widescreen so I don't have to look at a game that only fills the middle of my screen????

SA, navigate to your game installation folder and look at the "Date Modified" of "gta-sa. This should allow the saves to work with the patching method included in this guide. This tool [hmvartak.

San Andreas Downgrade Patch 1.0 Give me a link to it PLeeeasee:((

This will only work with saved games from version 2. Unfortunately I did not have any saves from version 2.

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  2. Downgrade San Andreas to version 1.
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  6. If you have any issues please comment below with the way you converted your saved games. Thanks to hmvartak, Silent, and gamerzworld for the tools used in this guide. StefkeBoi 2 Dec, 3: Thanks it works: Sorry about that.

    After some research I cannot find another link that I can garuntee is safe. I am removing this portion of the guide. I woundered if it would work if i downloaded from a different source, but every downgrader from every link just said the same "unkown version" error.

    How to downgrade GTA SA steam version or v2 to 1 (one)

    Meaby the downgrader might not work because im using Windows 8. Any time you install a game to prorgam files you may have issues since they are usually resticted by some security settings in Windows. I have Windows 7 64 bit and had no issues, though.

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    I do not think the mod is outdated, but if my links are out of date let me know and I will gladly update them. All the mod does is literally install the old files over the newsteam ones. Still nothing, is the mod outdated or is it because im using bit system? I have my steam in Program Files x Double check your install directory Try reinstalling SA through steam and start fresh?

    Sorry hard to tell without seeing it myself.

    San Andreas Downgrade Patch Give me a link to it PLeeeasee:(( - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

    So you're running the patch, Super? This can be checked through the game properties on steam. Share directly to my status.

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