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It's all very simple - like watching Freeview on a set-top box, in fact.

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If you want more control over your viewing schedule, you can, if you have a web connection on the Mac the EyeTV hardware is set up on. You can use the supplied one-year tvtv subscription to either select what you want to watch, or, and this is the best bit, program EyeTV to record remotely as long as your Mac is on from the web or even your mobile phone.

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Recording programs is as easy as it should be. You can, as we've mentioned, either program EyeTV to record a show, or simply hit the Record button.

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The built-in editor lets you quickly edit out ad breaks and the like. Bear in mind, though, even with the fastest PowerBook, you won't want to try and work while recording TV - it can cause breaks in the recording process.

EyeTV 3.6.9 – Watch and record TV on your Mac

Simply put, if you're in an area of good Freeview reception, or are likely to be travelling to one and want to watch and record TV on the go, it's the best and, in fact, only solution for the Mac out there. It's a cheap ish and nifty gadget with some great Mac software; it's perfect for pretending you're doing work, when really you're checking out the latest football scores or watching Bargain Hunt. Rob Carney. Our Verdict A great gadget for viewing and recording Freeview on your Mac.

Against Strong Freeview reception essential Need powerful Mac. Kernel 4. To be confirmed: The following procedure works at least on a Raspberry Pi running 4. Run apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers to get the correct headers i.

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Now we have the correct sources and. No rule to make target ' If it is not the case, grab and install the needed firmwares from https: The Geniatech TC requires these firmwares available in https: They are succesfully processed through tvheadend.