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Populars apps such as Facebook and Netflix are affected by this. Reddit user atru22 said the new Smart Keyboard Folio takes some getting used to, but he likes it a lot more than the previous-generation keyboard. He also says the Image via Reddit user atru22 On the topic of the Apple Pencil, Reddit user essjay said that the Pencil feels quite different in the hand and that there's more friction when using it. Charging and pairing is much improved, of course, since it just needs a magnetic attachment to the iPad Pro. I will say that the pencil feels very different in the hand. It's a little shorter but that makes a huge difference.

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I always thought the gen 1 felt a little ridiculously large length wise. This feels more like a normal pencil. The double tap feature is really nice and far more forgiving than I was expecting. I thought you'd have to tap specifically on a certain spot, but it seems to just pick up double taps pretty much anywhere reasonable. Pairing and charging is soo much better. And that's coming from someone who didn't have any particular issue with the way the old one charged. Reddit user dvegi also thought there's much better drag with the Apple Pencil 2 and the iPad Pro's new display.

Reddit user GottaDeal confirms that the new inch iPad Pro on-screen keyboard has a It offers up tab, caps lock, and left side shift keys, unlike the MacRumors reader ninethirty wasn't a fan of the Smart Keyboard Folio, calling it a "design nightmare.

Apple to Release Low Cost MacBook Air With Retina Display & Pro Focused Mac Mini in 2018

The iPad itself is absolutely beautiful, but the design of the smart folio keyboard is awful. It doesn't fold around as easily as the previous keyboard, it makes everything a lot thicker, and quite frankly, the materials of the folio itself feel cheap, which is a shame. But worst of all, when you fold the folio to the back of the ipad, to hold and watch a video or something, the keys are exposed on the back.

MacRumors reader largefarrva disagreed, though, saying that he likes it a lot and is impressed with the key feel. I actually like it quite a bit. I was a bit worried that the keyboard would feel like the butterfly keyboards of the MacBooks nowadays but it doesn't at all. Hell, if the MacBooks had keys that felt like this they wouldn't be nearly as bad. Granted it is very little travel in a keystroke, but the feedback is a ton times better than the MacBook keyboards.

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We'll have an unboxing video and our own hands-on later today, so make sure to stay tuned to MacRumors for more iPad Pro coverage. Related Roundup: Buyer's Guide: Top Rated Comments View all. Looks great, but unless you have some rather limited or very touch specialized workflow this just won't cut it for most people. It sure looks nice and I bet the performance is stellar but that folio keyboard just doesn't give the same typing experience as a "real" keyboard. A lot of applications and services are offering web-applications these days so you can do most things directly in the browser.

But the experience isn't comparable to using the full desktop applications and alot of them won't even work in mobile web-browsers. Combine this with the fact that we are starting to reach the same price-point as MacBook's and other decent notebooks on the market its not all that compelling. It sure has it benefits, but its limitations just outweight's all its benefits unless you have a workflow where the Apple Pencil and the artistic values it provides will be essential to you.

What I would prefer would be to have something like a 2-in-1 device where you have a device that combines this iPad Pro and the MacBook Air with a detachable display. Have it run macOS when docked to the keyboard, giving the full desktop experience with a great keyboard and touchpad.

And when you detach it starts running iOS and becomes just like this iPad Pro. It doesn't seem all that far-fetched when we look at how far the hardware on these iPad's have come and how powerful their SoC's really are. I got the 11" model. Absolutely love the new iPad itself, it feels like an enormous step up from my 9. The new folio case will take some getting used to. I hate the color, so I'm going to have to find some stickers or something, and I don't really like that the keys are exposed on the back.

I do like that it has two screen positions, and the keyboard itself is nice and responsive. The pencil is lovely, but the magnets that hold it on are not super-strong, so I keep knocking it off the ipad when I go to reach for it. I think this is something I'll get used to, or I'll just keep the pencil separate in my bag, it's not a big deal.

All in all just a few small quibbles, I am delighted with the iPad itself. I don't think anyone has said this yet, but the new iPad still is not a laptop replacement Apple did an fantastic ipad, apple made the macbook air battery replaceable and mac mini has replaceable Ram. I am a decent supporter of Apple, but not so much so that I cannot be objective. I have owned almost every version iPad Apple has made, and definitely every version of the iPad Pro Apple has made. First, why, oh why did Apple get rid of the split virtual keyboard option?!

It was bad enough they dropped the split keyboard from the Second, it just feels cheaply made.

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My One can see how thin the aluminum casing is on the new Pros, if looking at the area around the USB C port, or speaker holes, etc.. The whole iPad just feels flimsy to me. Third, what the heck went through the mind of the new keyboard cover designer?! Who wants to keep feeling keys being pressed while holding the device with the cover folded open? Also, why get rid of the ability to form a triangle with the cover to prop the pad up at a slight angle, when drawing with the pencil?

That was a useful angle and feature of the old cover. The old keyboard cover was also easier to remove, if one wanted to use the pad sans cover. Overall, I am majorly letdown with this version of the iPad Pro. I have a case open with Apple, for them to investigate this issue. Being able to hold the The pad is so top heavy at that grip position, and the keys so unreachable by one's thumbs, it just isn't useful, and is, in fact, painful both physically and mentally.

Fair enough! I don't think anyone has said this yet, but the new iPad is still not a laptop replacement It is for some people.

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