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Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. According to this post Sandbox app for the Mac App Store codesign does not work, but it was written a year ago. Interested in AI? So regarding the last option if I see messages like this in Qt Creator does it smell like problems?

This project is using private headers and will therefore be tied to this specific Qt module build version. Running this project against other versions of the Qt modules may crash at any arbitrary point. SGaist core gui xml concurrent printsupport sql widgets.

Install qt on Mac OSX

The message just explains that if you switch Qt version without recompiling your application you are going to enter uncharted territory. IIRC, the name of the certificate to use for signing. Usually something like "XXX Distribution". SGaist Thanks, I will try this soon and report back. I have run qmake -spec macx-xcode on my project which generated project. Can't validate it because of lack of sandbox entitlements. So I added entitlements then archived product, validated and uploaded to AppStore.

However, if I run this project with entitlements in XCode it does not start saying:. Right approach would be to build in Xcode without entitlements and run macdeployqt on Myapp. Now it runs fine in XCode and it was also validated and uploaded to App Store. I hope it will work ;. Because of hearing, reading and typing it makes very effective associations in your brains.

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First I worked on adjustments of widgets and look-and-feel to have app closer to Mac style. You can find differences in user interface if you know especialities. Then application bundle was build with inclusion of all required libs as private frameworks.

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I got too much for such small application — about 60MB. For me it is too heavy and I decided to make it smaller.

Also after checking Qt forums I found that some patches are required for Qt to get a ticket into store. Then disabled everything that is not needed in configure, also used I got about 30MB for Frameworks.

Qt and the Mac app store

But Framework folders can be downsized — no need for debug versions of libs, no need for header files because frameworks are private. This is great just for small application which is based on non-native GUI frameworks. So we resolved size issue, now it is time to get Qt ready to pass examination and be ready for store. After applying it, when using QDesktopServices:: You can not disable it due to need of common settings of Qt Applications.

But Apple has restrictions for applications not to write settings of other applications.

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So we download second patch for Qt — mac-settings-in-app-area. You can see it easily by otool utility:. Now just by copying. Also you need to sign your app by your signature certificate as Mac developer. You have to get such certificate from developer. Everything was tested with otool to see all dependencies, checked on another Mac and got ready to send into App Store If you know how to do all such stuff by scripts please let me know — prefer to do everything in Qt Creator.

Summary — 1. It is not so complicated as for first sight.

How to Publish Qt Applications in the Mac App Store - Qt Blog

Apple is okay to accept Qt apps, just need to apply some patches to Qt. Size of Qt App bundle is small enough maybe if you include several resources into app bundle then size of Qt frameworks may become a minor part. Result — http: Main source of information — http: Unrelated to the actual topic — do you know about Anki http: It is awesome and maybe the best language learning application out there. Is this available for linux too?

Thanks very much. And verified that the patch has been applied.

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Why do you need to compile in XCode again as a final step? And one More Thing tm: From the public Apple developer docs: Sounds to me like you can create and sign your Certificate yourself, no? Or are there Mac App Store specific requirements which are non-public which require you to have your Certificate signed by Apple, as you suggest? I just had an app rejected because it wrote to this location: See location guidelines here: Actually — you can delete the last comment. At least — when I changed it to that format it was accepted. Apple was not clear on this point.