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This feature is so inconsistent. Sometimes my iphone 4 sees my imac library and I can access all of the Macs music. Other times, and in the same room, it just does not connect and other times again it plays and then decides to crash for no reason. Deeply frustrating and completely undependable. Severely limits the utility of an otherwise great feature.

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But no more tab. I have updated everything to the newest version and still no changes. This option is too inconsistent for me. What am I doing wrong? The sharing works but pretty inconsistent how this works. Its useful to have the music available on your iPad. I had to enable sharing first on my preferences tab on the iTunes and then enable home sharing. This iTunes sharing is an amazing feature! Finally created some kind of home multimedia system from my Mac with easy wi-fi access.

Thanks a lot! I am not interested in Home sharing as the music needs to stay on the iPhone when she goes to work or gym etc…. She could then upload my playlists from her mac right?

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I have the feeling this could be difficult, I already tried it once and duplicated a lot of my music. What would be the exact procedure?

  • Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices!
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    Eugene 6 2. How to restore previous version of iOS Video app Over the past decade, we've purchased thousands of TV shows and hundreds of movies and songs from iTunes. Michael Prescott 2 4 Home sharing is turned on and working; I can watch the videos on my Robert 5 13 Home sharing library doesn't show up on iPhone 5 9. Nothing seems to work, i. Andreas 1 6 I use my MacBook much more frequently, and I have basically no music on it. I would instead like to direct iTunes to Winterflags 2, 10 42 I'd like to stream music from my Mac iTunes Library. When I go to the Music app, there are no contents: Home Sharing is active in iTunes on my Mac Can you tell me if this Sharon 6 2.

    How to Setup & Use iTunes Home Sharing

    We want to continue sharing contacts and calendars. Can this be done if we use separate Apple ID s? We don't want to keep getting each others messages and Home sharing on iPhone: Nick 1 3 Why does Apple TV not stop my Mac from sleeping? So in the middle of a movie the connection will be lost because the Mac goes to sleep.

    How to Create a Shared Network Folder on a Mac

    It works flawlessly Matteo 5, 13 55 Any ideas how to fix this? There are no error messages, photos sync just ok but music does Andrew Mykhalchuk 21 7. How do I turn on HomeSharing without original remote?

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    • Use Home Sharing.
    • Enable iTunes Home Sharing.
    • Accidentally the Apple TV had its home sharing turned off device used was the remote app on iPhone. The original remote is lost. Jules 6 1. Where's the shared libraries in iTunes I can't seem to find it, and all the other solutions are for when the sidebar existed.

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      Due to update issues, I'm having to use a different computer to sync 4 different devices. I have Home Sharing turned on, so I have access to all the apps stored on iTunes Guest 6 1. Both the laptop and the iOS devices are connected to the same network have tried both wi-fi Keefer 1 3 The beach ball just keeps spinning. IndieTech Solutions 2. Does Home Sharing require Internet access for movies? Experience already tells me the answer is 'yes', but I'm curious if anyone has a reference.

      Recently, my cable internet went out. I think: Ben Mosher 3 At the moment every time I want to use the Richie 2. Will Home Sharing work without a running iTunes instance?

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      This is the idea: I would like my Apple TV to access my music and videos but I have both the Maury Markowitz 2 7 Cannot share media file to PC I want to share my media files on my Mac to my home network, however when I tried to access them from my PC I was asked for username and password. I'm sure I entered them correctly I mean I can log LWZ 1 5 Before I installed parallels drivers both were isolated.

      Now all my folders are shared with Mac and Windows mutually. I can't simply uninstall the drivers because drivers All the pages I've found tell you to click a Show menu at the bottom of the window which is no Steve 1 7 Apple TV: Lukas 5 11 I have multiple iOS devices, mostly running iOS 8. How can I let the iOS devices browse the photos on the iMac without physically storing the files on I can play music by pressing shuffle play and pressing next, however I cannot choose which song to play because it is either greyed out inside