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What is a client application? In this case, the client application is the application you purchased from Sony Online Entertainment. It is basically an interface for you to interact with server software, like what SWGEmu is writing. Think of the client application like a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

While a web browser is capable of providing an interface to interact with web pages, it doesn't actually provide those web pages. Web servers provide the web pages with which the web browser then allows it's user to interact. Likewise, Sony Online Entertainment's client application provides an interface for user's to interact with a server. However, it should be noted that this client does not have a graphical interface, and can only be used via the command line. There are plans to eventually build a client application with a graphical interface, but such will probably not become a reality until after the release of version 1.

This simply is testament to the fact that the SWGEmu developers are doing a fantastic job writing code which emulates the same game Sony Online Entertainment once provided. Furthermore, if you are using Sony Online Entertainment's client application to connect to an SWGEmu server, then this will only reinforce the nostalgic feel. Is SWGEmu legal? This question pops up about once per month on our forums, but the never changing answer is simply, yes.

Understand, there is a fine line which SWGEmu has yet to cross. SWGEmu works very hard to stay within it's legal right to produce it's software, and will do it's best to never include copyrighted materials, or infringe on any software patents. Linux Rating Unrated Last Tested: About Ratings Rating Breakdown. Download Free. Install Now. Manual Install. Learn More. Buy Now. Is anyone else siked about this? It gets released sometimethis year, most likely the end of August. They have a huge population, I have been playing the Test Server and there are lots of people.

Hopefully SWG will make a comeback with this free server. TOR is still maybe a year out. Even though I think it will be an amazing game, many people like myself still consider SWG to be one of the best Star Wars games ever. They are like apples and oranges. Over 30 unique professions andmany unique worlds to explore. What is not to love? It is excellent. TheCrazed Its free? And legal? If so, please link us to the client download I'd be interested in checking it out.

Part I - Installing Star Wars Galaxies

You can find all the info you need with the above link. Right now there is only a test server but when the actual Suncrusher server comes out in about a month or so it is gunna rock!

Yes free. Yes awesome. Legalities Is this legal? The SWG emulator teams are writing their own code. Nothing belonging to SOE is being used. This is a non-commercial enterprise, and since no fees are being charged, no laws are being broken. What about me?

Star Wars Galaxies Gameplay - Beautiful Nostalgia (SWGEmu Basilisk - Scout & Carbine Progression)

Can I get in trouble for playing on this server? Absolutely not. You bought the game and can use it as you want. There is no law requiring you to use SOE's servers. What about you guys? Can you get in trouble for hositng this game? We are hosting a private server using privately written code. The Galaxies Reborn Admin has read the parts of the copyright act that applies to us and here's why we are safe: When you log in and play Star Wars Galaxies, and see the terrain and NPC's and buildings - all that is done client side.

All those images are created on the user's computer. The user you has already PAID for that when you bought the game. There is no law requiring you to use Sony's servers. They have no legal authority to force you to pay to use their servers. The emu server actually has very little to do with how one plays the game. When a player moves his character and an NPC spawns, that's the emu server telling the client to generate an NPC based on data already installed on the user's pc. If the emu server actually generated the image of the NPC on your computer the game would be so slow that it would be un-playable, as all that data would have to be transmitted from the server over the Internet to your computer, like opening a web page.

That's the beauty of an emulator. You dont need to copy any of SOE's code to interact with a client. The SWG emu teams have done exactly that: Copyright law can not apply here because: There is no code from Sony on the server The SWG game files that render are installed on the pc of someone who paid for it and can do with it whatever they like. If we charged money, then there would be a different issue. If we offered the game disks in a downloadable format, then there would definitely be an issue.

That is software piracy and we will not do it. Copyright laws are, for the most part, in place to prevent software pirates from copying and selling works that do not belong to them. It is the arguable that LA is more worried about the millions of bootleg copies of ep out there than a few hundred people using something they no longer offer as a service.

This has been discussed to death on the emu forum - there are two key concerns here: There is no law requiring you to play on Sony's servers. You paid for the game, you can use it however you like.

Star Wars Galaxies EMU.- SUNCRUSHER

So as long as you did not steal the game you are safe. On our end, the emu database will not hold any Sony code. All the rendering is done client side. All the code that will on the database was written by non-Sony people. Now we get into the area of intent. Is it our intent to break the law here? To steal their game and get rich off it? Of course not. And as we all know, copyright law, like most law, is written to protect profit. There are two argments that keep the law on our side: Though not as large and the SWGEmu Suncrusher it still has the same foundation and well as the same principles.

I just loved the game: I just don't like paying a monthly fee. The classic Star Wars Galaxies experience with updates and no monthly fees? Now that is a real treat. Even better and more populated than World of Warcraft for a time being.

SWG: Legends - Play

However, there were two major updates that changed this. The first was called the "Combat Upgrade" that was released with the new expansion "The Rage of the Wookies". It changed the game but the game was still fun to play. An update called the "New Game Enhancements" was released and it competely changed the game. The 32 some professions were reduced tojust a few professions. Jedi, a class that had to be earned which was extremly hard to acheive became a starting class, gameplay elements drastically changed. But hopefully that changes when Suncrusher is released Yes but it wasn't like they changed a few things.

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Everything was changed from the number of professions to even the gameplay. But it will be back! Mighty-Lu-Bu Its free? Kudos to these guys putting in the tremendous work to bring the old game back to life, but I don't forsee myself jumping back in at any point. Don't get me wrong, SWG was a fun game, but it had some serious balance issues. I guess change isn't always good. A lot of the pre-cu proponant tend to have some very rose colored glasses on when it comes to the pre-cu.

The idea that the game was more poulated than WoW is obviously not true, in fact it was a commerical flop. It never got enough suscripers to compare to EQ which topped out at around k suscripers. Best guestimates based on the limited info available lists the max number of subscribers at around k subscribers http: The k numbers where persumably achived relativly shotly after launch. It is true however that those updates just made things worse. The pre-cu wasent this perfect gaming utopia that some like to make it out to be. In fact when they announced they they would delay the first of the combat revamps the player outrage was so great that the forums crashed after the threads of flames and complaints got too long for the software to handle.

Mazoch So sweeping changes to the games dynamics pretty much Jaded long time SWG players from the game? I think that's why alot of us vets liked it so much. It didn't follow the same evercrack formula. It was a sandbox-mmo. Not to be rude but have you ever played SWG? I have played since launch and a lot of your "cons" aren't true at all. No quests??!? Are you serious? And there was loot And thats just some of the expensive stuff. You could loot anything you kill so to say that there was no loot is completely false. A lot of the other cons that you listed only lasted for short periods of time.

There were updates every few weeks to fix bugs and whatnot not to mention there was a story that came through every month or so that added a new dungeon. You say there was no conent Honestly I have never expierenced any of the "cons" that you have It was, for better or worse, it's own game and not another cookie cutter MMO. Unfortunately I got rid of my SWG discs long ago.

Guess I'll need to dig some up to try this out.